Bulk Supply - Further Information


Choosing a Mosquito Net :-

Rectangular Nets
Spacious and comfortable, which allows great air circulation and hence is cool. Requires multiple points of support. Most suited to indoor use in a permanent location.
Conical Nets
These are hung from a single support point which allows for more flexibility than a canopy net. Also suitable for irregular bed sizes. Ideal for both permanent and temporary locations but usually indoors.
Mesh Size
Our nets come in 156 mesh. We can also produce a 196 mesh size that would only be needed in countries where the very small sandfly is a problem.
Insecticide Treatment
Our mosquito nets are treated with Deltamethrin to help enhance their protective qualities. This treatment and the dosage we use is recommended by the World Health Organisation and has three key benefits - It reduces the number of insects within a room (and hence risk of bites and disease). + It deters insects from biting through the netting. + It helps protect damaged or poorly erected nets.